Yes..I know..Nobody likes when their spouse snores! But it might possibly save your life like it did for one family. A family down in Texas can thank the mother for waking up because of the father's snoring. They were in bed for about an hour when Dixie Hester woke up to her husband, Bobby Hester's snoring because it was so loud. He usually uses a CPAP machine to help him breathe, but wasn't using it at the time. She woke up to tell him to turn on the machine when he realized power must have been out in part of the house, keeping it from working. They realized afterwards a lot of light outside their window which prompted them to look out the front door, noticing the top of their house was on fire. They quickly escaped along with their daughter, no one was injured!

So next time you yell at your spouse for snoring, remember that down the road it could save your life in an odd circumstance like this!  Crazy huh?