Mother nature dealt us a cruel blow last night. It took away our spring. O.K. maybe it's just a temporary setback, but given the brutal winter we had spring snow has no room in my world.


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You see in my world spring means flowers and buds on the tree's, the smell of fresh daffodils, milder days and a rebirth of life.

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In my world spring means baseball, a sun drenched field, fans filling the stands, the aroma of hot dogs and beer.

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And in my world spring means time out on the golf course, the different smells of the fresh cut grass and the finely trimmed greens. The gentle cool breeze that sometimes require a light wind breaker.


So you see in my world there's no room for old man winter and his shenanigans. Don't mess with me and try to sneak just one more storm in, cause I'm a former New Yorker, and we don't take kindly to someone trying to disturb our world.


Let me take a page out of the movie "Network" it's time to get up out of our chairs cause we're mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.