I had the immense PLEASURE of trying Hog Wild BBQ a couple weeks ago. It was so cool, they came to the studios, set up a smoker right outside, and served us delicious pulled pork, beans, and coleslaw. The smoker was on a trailer too- very cool that you can have a portable BBQ set up connected to the back on your truck.

But let's get back to the food. Mind you- I had this pulled pork during breakfast time and even though my stomach was like ahhh BBQ meat in the morning, my mouth was like ohhh yessss BBQ meat! And in the end, I didn't get that heavy feeling you usually get from BBQ food, so it was overall very satisfying.

Hog Wild BBQ is located in Newtown and they'll be hanging out at our Connecticut on Tap event happening Saturday, September 13th at Ives Concert Park.  If you buy the VIP tickets to the event, you get a FREE catered meal from Hog Wild BBQ and the VIP ticket is only 20 dollars more than regular admission. You also get exclusive VIP entrance into the event- an HOUR earlier. So that means you also get to try the freshest brew of the 120 beers available there.

I think I've made my case.. and I'm PRETTY SURE you know what you need to do!