We can all agree that Greater Danbury's roads have seen better days as the winter rolls on right?  There is really nothing you can do until the weather starts to get better it seems. It snows, the plows come out, the roads tear up, and BAM, potholes!

There are a few local roads I take everyday in New Fairfield, Danbury and Brookfield and had decided weeks ago I would skip them. It's not worth taking those so-called shortcut roads to save time if you're going to slow down and ditch potholes, or even worse, hit them!  Nobody has money to keep fixing their front ends...we can all agree on that.

Well it's my time to say THANK YOU to the local road crews for all of their hard work so far, filling up those potholes.  You might be saying...Ummm what potholes are you seeing that have actually been filled?  My response...give 'em a break...it's been a tough, tough winter and it will take a LONG time to get the roads back to normal, but I've already seen a big difference.

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Barnum road between Danbury and New Fairfield, a main town connecting road, was one of the worst in terms of crater sized potholes that were filled last week...Also parts of i84 east between 6 and 5 in Danbury and also Candlewood Lake Road in Brookfield saw the pavement patching recently too...It's a long and ongoing process, but just be patient, it will get better. March can't come soon enough!