Tonight is Jay Leno's final show as host of NBC's Tonight Show. Jay took over the chair from Johnny Carson way back in 1992 and has been hosting the show ever since...oh wait scratch that...almost ever since.

Think back to 2009 when Jay was supposed to leave the Tonight Show for good and make way for Conan O'Brien, which did happen, but for only a number of months. Some genius at NBC decided it was a good idea for Jay to come back and host the 10pm "Jay Leno Show" followed by local news and then finally Conan would host the Tonight Show at 11:35 as scheduled. This didn't last long as ratings suffered for both the 10pm and 11:35 pm shows as some speculated that the late night audience was split in half between the two shows.

Jay returned as the Tonight Show host in 2010 and has been back ever since. His old pal Conan ended up in the cable TV world on TBS, where he seems quite content these days.

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Taking away the mess up in 2009-2010, and personal preferences on hosts, you have to admit that Jay has certainly kept the Tonight Show on top of late night battle consistently. We certainly wish Jay Leno the best in TV retirement land and hope that we see him again soon on with his classic cars collection...The man LOVES his cars. Good Luck Jay.

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