So everyone's talking about this since it starting showing up on the internet earlier this week, and believe it or not, some men are actually wearing them. Have you seen the RompHim?

I'm not sure it's all that fashionable for grown men to dress like giant babies, but it's happening. Earlier this week, a company just announced they would be creating Rompers for men.

If you don't know what a Romper is, it's a one piece combo of a shirt and shorts. Now Rompers look cute on babies, and women have been wearing them for years, and they usually look great, but for men?

According to, a Kickstarter campaign for the man Rompers just went live this week, and at $95 for each RompHim, they've already raked in well over $100,000. Even football quarterback Cam Newton, who was partially responsible for the "dab" craze was part of the RompHim launch, wearing one for their photo shoot.

As for me, I told my co-host Suzy that if she ever see's me wearing a RompHim, don't hesitate, just kill me immediately. I promise no charges will be pressed.

There's one Twitter post I came across that kinda summed up this whole RompHim craze:

Just me in my RompHim, playing with a Fidget Spinner, drinking a Unicorn Frappuccino, that's what I want the world to remember about 2017

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