First off let me start by saying I love technology. From flat screen TV's to iPhones, video games, yada, yada, yada. However there is one old school tradition that I do miss, Saturday night Blockbuster rentals.


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It was a lot of fun, get the kids in the car and take a ride over to the Rt. 6 Blockbuster in Danbury. I'm sure you had your favorite video store too, everybody did. Didn't matter where you lived, Bethel, New Milford, Brewster, New Fairfield, Carmel, Pawling, every town had a few choices. But I digress. It was kind of exciting, you got to pick the entertainment for the evening, and yes it was everyone in the family sitting in one room actually watching the same thing, no ipads, iphones, or tablets. Each kid got a choice too, actually my kids usually picked out the same movie every week, (I can still recite most of the dialog from those "Homeward Bound" movies). It was family time and it didn't matter if the movie you picked was good or a stinker you watched it till the end and you made sure to rewind it, who needs that extra fee and that black mark on my rental record.

Now forward ahead to today and it's on demand on your cable system, it's Net-Flix and ipad downloaded movies, and if you really want to go out and get a movie the only choice is Red Box. Your also lucky if everyone in the family is in the same room and if they are they're watching different things. Besides you can't even find a video store anywhere. (Video Island in New Fairfield, one of the lone survivors closed last year).

If your not one who's ever experienced this former part of Americana, (I'm sure glad I did), here's a video that explains it all....enjoy.