I know we elect them, but some of the things politicians do make you scratch your head and wonder. Take for example Senator Richard Blumenthal from right here in Connecticut. You may or may not have seen this video yet, but it's a pretty close call.


Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal didn't just talk about how important it is to be safe around trains. He showed it. Now I'm sure it wasn't the Senator who came up with the idea of having the podium and the stand so close to the edge and clearly over the yellow caution line, but he didn't suggest moving things to a safe spot either. Check out how close he came to being the lead news story that day.

Blumenthal was standing on a platform at a train station in Milford, Connecticut last week, while the town's mayor, Ben Blake, talked about remaining safe around trains. That's when a train came barreling along, coming very close to hitting Blumenthal,



I guess you could say they made their point, although clearly not in the manner they planned. Kinda makes you wonder "what were they thinking".