News came out this week that plans to widen Interstate 84 from Brewster and the NY State line across to Waterbury have been cancelled, but not completely.

For years, there's been talk about trying to help the ever growing traffic situation and delays that have been getting worse and worse over the years.

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Various solutions have come to the drawing board, and a most recent 4 billion dollar solution to add another lane, has been dropped according to the CT Mirror.

The original plan dating back to 2005 would have included a wider highway for 32 miles.

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A new solution by the Molloy administration now plans for a 1 billion dollar reconstruction to widen the 4-5 mile section between exits 3 and 8 in Danbury and then a small section near Waterbury.

I think we can all agree that anything will help..Now about paving the highways at least?  It's now summer and 84's still a complete mess..But that's for another day!