Just when you thought we had some down time between New Year's and Valentine's Day, along comes Squirrel Appreciation Day. 


Yes it's a day to honor our friend, sometimes our nemesis, the good old Squirrel. Whether they are shades of grey, pale orange, reddish brown, or black, today we appreciate them all.

Thanks to huffingtonpost.com here are 5 useful facts about our furry little friends:

  1. They have four front teeth that grow continuously, at a rate of about six inches per year.
  2. Their strength can rule the world. In 1987 and 1994, trading on the NASDAQ market was briefly shut down due to squirrels chewing through power lines. And just last September, more than 3,000 Northern Virginians lost power because one "curious" squirrel got into substation equipment and caused a transformer to blow.
  3. Most ground squirrels kiss when they see each other. Mouth-to-nose and mouth-to-mouth.
  4. They communicate by making shrill sounds.
  5. Squirrels have big tails for several reasons. Its primary function is for balance by enabling them to dart around quickly without falling. The tail is also used as a parachute when they fall and a cushion when they land. In addition, tail gestures are a form of communication. When the tail is flicked, it means, "Get away." And lastly, those fluffy tails serve as excellent blankets in the winter.

Now here's something I hope you really like:

So don't just say your celebrating the Squirrel today, help one out. This time of year food can be scarce, so throw out some extra food. Toss them a handful of sunflower seeds. They also like dried corn. If you're feeling especially generous, offer a few tulip bulbs. (Just watch out for your fingers.)


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