Yuengling, the Nation's oldest brewer, might be returning to CT's liquor store shelves within the year, sources say.

Yuengling was available in the Nutmeg State until 1996 when the brewery and supplier couldn't meet growing demand at the time. The Connecticut Beer Wholesalers Association came out yesterday saying they are looking at distribution options and timing on when to return to CT, which could be soon.

Jude Malone of the Connecticut Beer Wholesalers told the Hartford Courant:

They are now going through the process of interviewing wholesalers, We anticipate they'll be back in Connecticut in 2014.

For years, CT residents have crossed the borders into Putnam, Dutchess and Westchester Counties in NY if they wanted to purchase this delicious adult beverage.

Bottoms Up, friends! .... While you think of enjoying Yuengling, crank up Brantley!