We all know that living in this area of the country is not exactly, well, southern. But we do love our country music. In fact, if you're truly country, you can't get enough of it. So what sets us apart from our downhome cowboys and cowgirls? I've put together a list of 10 ways to tell if you're a northeast countryfolk.

  • 1

    Windows Down, Country Sound, FM on the Radio

    Thomas Rhett may have penned that line but he's certainly not the only one that feels that way. If this is how you roll, you're country.

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  • 2

    Rock Them Holey Jeans

    You swore you'd never buy them, then you heard Jason Aldean sing about it and now you have at least two pair in your closet. And you can't wait to wear them.

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  • 3

    The First 3 Chords of “Friends in Low Places” Stops You in Your Tracks

    That familar guitar pick comes on the speakers and you get ready to not only sing along with Garth, you look for others to sing along with you.

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  • 4

    You Speak Y'all

    It's not often, but every once in a while, you can't help it and "How'r y'all doin'?" happens.

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  • 5

    You Defend Country Music

    As much as you defend the flag. You will put your Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood and Dierks Bentley up against anyone.

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  • 6

    You've Got The Boots

    There may be a little dirt on them, but that makes them all that much more country.

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  • 7

    You've Got the Hat

    It's there, in your closet or on the backseat of your car (or truck). Ladies, your hat has a little pink and/or lace on it.

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  • 8

    Ladies-You Have the Miranda-tude

    You're no pushover and you're not afraid to shake your moneymaker.

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  • 9

    Guys- You’re All About That Bad Boy/Southern Gentleman Thing

    You've got that smart, savvy, goofy, sexy Brad Paisley/Blake Shelton thing going on.

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  • 10

    The Red Solo Cup

    Wine glasses are nice, beer steins are too, but there is a special place in your heart for the red solo cup.