Western CT Militia - YouTube Screen Shot

The Western Connecticut Militia, part of the New England Football League (NEFL) are revving up for the 2016 season.

Danbury CT Patch gives us the rundown for 2016. The Western CT Militia have been dominant taking the AAA Southern Division Championships in 2012, 2013, 2015. The Connecticut Panthers, the Militia's arch rival are back for their 4th season, and are ready to even the score when the Militia kicked their butt, 28-0 in the Southern Division Championship game last year.

Western CT Militia Football - YouTube Screen Shot

Kevin Oberg is back as the Militia's QB after an amazing season in 2015 with 1,502 passing yards. Two new receivers have just been signed, veteran NEFL receiver, Darius Rannie, and Southern Connecticut State University speedster Andre Privott.

Last year, The Militia were ranked #5 in the nation by the National Football Events coaches poll, and was the only New England Football League team to crack the Top 30!

The Militia are gearing up for the beginning of their practice season, which gets underway next week. You can follow the team on Facebook, and Twitter @wctmilitia.