As was reported earlier in the week, Pierre Ellhayek of Danbury was arrested after a seemingly random and very violent attack on Danbury Police Officer Joe Pooler who was parked in his cruiser in a market at 38 Germantown Road. Ellhayek is his alleged attacker according to police.

During the attack, dispatch received multiple 911 phone calls informing them of the emergency from some very concerned citizens.

The calls paint the picture of what went down between Germantown plaza and Jimmy's Market. The first caller describes the struggle in detail, telling the 911 operator about the officer's taser and his attempt to get back inside the police cruiser. They also rushed over to a nearby firehouse and alerted the firefighters of the situation, who immediately went to the scene.

Our Police Departments and the rest of the admirable emergency professionals involved should be commended for a job well done under extreme circumstances. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed, and the incident didn't escalate even further.