John Mellencamp said it best, "But I've seen it all in a small town. Had myself a ball in a small town."

I have great memories of growing up in a small town. Fairport, New York was my small town, where I had a paper route, my first girlfriend, got made fun of for being fat, and formed my first rock 'n' roll band. What do you think of when you hear the word, small town? Mayberry RFD? Pawnee from Parks & Rec? Check out three of the coolest small towns in Connecticut.

1. Bridgewater

If you take Rt. 133 from Brookfield, and cross the Lake Lillinonah Bridge, you'll get your first look at the beautiful, woodsy scenery of Bridgewater. Drive another 2.3 miles on Rt. 133, and you'll be in the town center. Settled in 1722, Bridgewater is known for their famous Bridgewater Country Fair, which will mark its 65th year this summer. Even with a population of only 1,800, Bridgewater has almost everything from vineyards to working farms, to 1,900 acres of preserved forest. The one thing you can't find in town is a liquor store as in "No booze baby!"

The Village Store in Bridgewater CT - Google Instant Street View

2. Roxbury 

After driving north through Bridgewater, hang a right onto Rt. 67, and travel for 3.7 miles into Roxbury. Another historic Connecticut small town with 2,100 residents. Settled in 1713, Roxbury was famous for its Mine Hill's quarries. The granite that was mined provided the building material for the ore roaster and the blast furnace which were used to help build the Brooklyn Bridge and Grand Central Terminal. By the way, the drive from Brookfield on Rt.133 up through Bridgewater and into Roxbury is a must ride if you own a motorcycle.

Roxbury CT - YouTube Screen Shot

3. Washington

From Roxbury, turn around on Rt. 67, and head back towards New Milford, which is about 6.7 miles. Once you get into New Milford, follow Rt. 202 North to where Valley Dodge used to be, and hang a right onto Rt. 109. Let me just say again, this is a must ride for bikers. For 6.7 miles, winding country back roads will drop you in the middle of Washington, CT., also known for its bucolic countryside. Lake Waramug is minutes away in New Preston, and only 26 minutes from a town that defines New England, Litchfield, CT.

Washington CT - Google Instant Street View

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