Belt yourself in, and get ready for the ride of your life.

During my drive to work, I recently noticed signs that said, "Go Ape". To be exact, they said, "Exit 30 Go Ape". I wondered if there a new Zoo in my neck of the woods? Curiosity took hold. As it turns out, the state now has what's being billed as the longest zip line in Connecticut.

From there, I did some digging to get the lowdown on a few other zip line adventures that will leave you breathless.

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    Go Ape Treetop Adventure - New Britain, CT

    If you read the info pack on this thrill ride in Connecticut it starts out by saying Hartford is the new home to Go Ape. Not exactly, Go Ape is located at A.W. Stanley Park in New Britain, and I can almost hear the screams of delight from my house. You are going to want to take a road trip because this is one crazy Zip Line.

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    The Adventure Park - Bridgeport, CT

    Next, we head to Bridgeport, Connecticut for The Adventure Park at the Discovery Museum. I picked this one for the fact that it is billed as an adventure in the trees. Not only do you zip line, but you traverse the "aerial forest park". From night climbing, to the Labyrinth, to the Monkey Grove, quite an awesome adventure awaits you.

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    Brownstone Park - Portland, CT

    From traditional drop zip lines to coming in for a water landing, Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park will keep you entertained with 14 different zip lines! Located in Portland CT, about an hour from here, you'll also find activities like cliff jumping, rock climbing, rope swings and more.