I'm pretty sure that if you have a boat on Candlewood Lake, you have your favorite spots to gaze at the sunset, or maybe tie up with other boats.

For what its worth, I'm going to offer up our favorite spots just in case you're new to this gorgeous man made lake. I got lucky with the cover photo. We were just hangin' out in the bay near Down the Hatch and Echo Bay Marina when the sky slowly evolved into what you see. There's got to be a higher power at work.

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1. Sunset Watch - As you can tell by the non-stop photos I post on FB, I enjoy a breathtaking sunset. You might say I'm obsessed. My favorite spot to sip a Corona, enjoy some dinner, and take a bunch of sunset photos is between Oak Point and Chimney Point  as the lake transistions from Brookfield into New Milford. How many sunset photos does one person need?

Candlewood Lake Sunset Taken in July of 2015

2. Rafting - Rafting is when three or more pontoon or speed boats tie up together for partying. For the intimate rafting experience with the least amount of waves, I recommend the Squantz Pond Cove, which is near the Squantz Pond boat ramp and Causeway.

3. Cruising - My favorite cruising route is on the New Fairfield side of the lake up past Shelter Harbor and Great Neck as we head towards Sherman. You'll see Chicken Rock and the rope swing on your right, as the lake opens up as we approach the outskirts of Sherman.

4. Chicken Rock - For many, or should I say, for many kids, this is what the lake is all about. Chicken Rock is a 30-foot-high boulder on Green Island that attracts kids, and mostly young adults, who climb up a side trail and jump off into the lake. My wife tried it once, but after spending 30 minutes looking down from the top decided it wasn't for her. I'm also going to take a pass as well.

5. After Hours - One of my favorite times of the day to be out on our pontoon is when the sun sets and evening turns into darkness. The boat lights are turned on, the water turns to glass, and only a few boats remain. It's simply magical and quite romantic. One of my favorite boat adventures is to cruise from Sherman back to New Fairfield Town Park in complete darkness. It's like a different dimension. WARNING: Do not attempt this unless you truly know the lake.