As you sit down to your massive Thanksgiving feast this Thursday, I know your going to be tempted to share some of the goodies with your pets, but every Thanksgiving weekend, food related pet illness spikes.

They look at you with those puppy dog eye's, or they give you that kitty stare that you just can't resist, but there are some foods that will probably be on our holiday table that could be fatal to your pet.

According to the website, here are five foods you should definitely avoid giving your dog or cat:


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    A little white meat is fine, but never give your pet any turkey skin especially if it's been seasoned with onion, sage, or garlic. When these ingredients soak into the skin it can create a fatal combination. Also salmonella can pose a major problem if you toss your pet meat that's been under cooked.

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    The ingredients in stuffing and gravy can be downright poison to your pet. If you season your stuffing or gravy with mushrooms, onions, sage, leeks, chives, garlic, scallions, or pepper, your not only messing with their stomach, but their central nervous system as well.

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    Cranberry's alone are fine for your pets, however cranberry sauce can contain large amounts of sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Even homemade cranberry sauce can contain ingredients you might not know about that are bad for animals, such as raisins and nuts.

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    Green beans alone can be a healthy snack for your pet, but when you mix in the ingredients that go into a green bean casserole like mushroom soup and fried onion topping then you've created a toxic mix for your pets.

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    We all know dogs love bones, but turkey bones can splinter easily, causing your pet to vomit, or worst case scenario, the bone could puncture the stomach and intestines. So as much as you think your doggy would love a bone, stay away from the temptation to give them anything skeletal from your bird.

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