The table is set, the batter is mixed, the griddle is hot, the butter and syrup are ready and so is everyone, ready to celebrate National Pancake Day today.

Did you know that there is evidence that suggests that pancakes date back a long way. If you were a caveman, there's a chance that you probably started your day with a helping of pancakes.

According to, the ancient Greeks and Romans ate pancakes, sweetened with honey; the Elizabethans ate them flavored with spices, rosewater, sherry, and apples.

Pancakes are also known as flapjacks or hotcakes.

Looking to make the perfect pancake, try following this old fashioned recipe.


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    Sonny Side Up - Danbury

    According to a review on, "Sonny's has some of the best pancakes I've ever had. Pancakes are the size of dinner plates, they are enormous yet delicious. Sonny's blueberry pancakes are my go-to breakfast".

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    Chip's Restaurant - Southbury

    Chip’s Family Restaurant is a familiar and popular breakfast place in Southbury. It has been twice voted “best pancakes” in the state by Connecticut Magazine. 

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    Countryside Kitchen - Mahopac

    According to a review on, "This place has the best pancakes I have ever had! There is usually a 30 mins's that popular! Better pancakes than any others I've ever tried.

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    Denny's - Danbury

    Denny's Buttermilk Pancakes are made with fresh buttermilk, eggs, and a hint of vanilla, making them fluffier, tastier, and better then ever. A short stack is just $2 on their value menu.


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    Eveready Diner - Brewster

    A review: Red Velvet Pancakes, the best pancakes in the WORLD! Their light and fluffy and they have no need for any extra butter or syrup. I do not know of any other place north of the Mason Dixon Line you can get them. So once you try them you will be craving for more and more and more!