If you're caught up in the Pokemon Go craze, then you know you "gotta catch 'em all", and the best way to load up is finding Pokemon Gyms.

Everywhere you go you see them. Cell phones in hand - walking and riding in groups and in pairs. They are on a mission. A mission hunting Pokemon, and the best place to do battle, and load up on catching Pokemon is in a Pokemon Gym.

Since this craze started, I've been trying to help you out with Pokestops and other places where you can catch and do battle.

Now, if you're looking to lose weight, try a real gym. A Pokemon Gym is a place to battle and conquer. The first time you visit a gym, you'll declare allegiance to one of the game's three teams. Most gyms have already been claimed by a team, but there is still a small chance you'll find a blank one. Then, you can claim it for yourself and your new team.

So,  here are some hot spots where you'll find Pokemon Gyms in Danbury:

  • 1

    Eagle Road by Still River

    There are two Gyms and four Pokestops off of Eagle Road, on the Stillriver Greenway. You can access the trails from the parking lots of local businesses.

    google maps image
  • 2

    Wooster Cemetery

    Tamarack Ave and Wooster Cemetery have FOUR GYMS. It's a madhouse over there.

    google maps image
  • 3

    Danbury Green (City Center)

    Danbury Green has a gym as well. Main Street has TONS of Pokestops too.

    google maps image
  • 4

    War Memorial & Rogers Park Middle School

    There is a gym at the end of Main Street by the War Memorial, another hot spot. Plus one just past it by the Middle School.

    google maps image
  • 5

    Danbury Fair Mall

    There's a gym at the Danbury Mall on Backus Ave.

    google maps image