While the Fourth of July is fun for humans, the holiday has some hidden dangers for your pet. Fireworks always pose a threat, but do you know all of the reasons why? Here's five really good reasons to keep your pet home this holiday:

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    Loud Noises

    Fireworks are loud and this can be way too much for a pet to handle. Think about how acute their hearing is. That booming firework is that much louder to your pet. Your pet has hearing loss due to age or illness? Think about this: their world is so quiet or muffled and then there is a BAM out of nowhere. Not too soothing to a pet.

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    Fireworks are made from chemicals that can be quite toxic. If you have a curious pet that likes to sniff things out, this can lead to some dangerous consequences.

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    This pretty much goes without saying but the potential for your pet to get burned is much higher when there are fireworks around.

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    What you might think is a firework that just didn't work can actually have a delayed effect. The wick was burning and died out and then ignited again. It happens. It happens a lot. If your pet is roaming around and finds one, this situation can quickly turn into disaster.

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    Firework shows tend to be crowded. With the loud sounds, scent of fireworks in the air and so many people around, it can be a very disorienting enviorment for your furbaby. They can become agitated or scared and dart off which is the worst way to spend the Fourth of July.

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