There are a few things we all know about Stew Leonard's in Danbury, like the fact that it's the worlds largest dairy store, and the customer is always right. If you work for Stew's, then you may be privy to certain other information that not everyone else knows.

Stew Leonard's is one of the most successful businesses in Connecticut. So what makes Stew's different from all the other supermarkets, aside from the singing milk and orange juice cartons, the talking tree, the animated characters, and the guy dressed as Clover the Cow?

Well, here are five things that you may not know about Stew Leonard's, but people who work there definitely do:


  • 1

    Stew Leonard's Has Their Own University

    According to, Stew Leonard's University offers corporate seminars featuring the latest trends in customer service, creating happy team members, and they even offer special VIP tours of the store to major companies such as Citibank, McDonald’s, and AT&T.

  • 2

    Stew Leonard's Sells Lot's of Everything

    Here's some statistics, thanks to In a given year, Stew Leonard’s sells more than 1.5 million chocolate chip cookies, 2 million half-gallons of milk, 1 million pounds of filet mignon, 1 million pounds of lobster, 250,000 pounds of fresh Mozzarella, 175,000 pumpkins and 50,000 Christmas trees.

  • 3

    Stew Leonard's Donates Food Daily

    Ever wonder what happens to all those fresh baked goods Stew's makes daily? According to, at the end of the day, all unsold baked goods are donated to local charities and shelters.

  • 4

    There's love in the air at Stew Leonard's

    Last year, we reported that over one hundred employees who have worked at Stew Leonard's met their significant other there and eventually got married.

  • 5

    Stew Leonard's Wants You

    Talk about helping to keep the unemployment rate down. The reports that Stew's employs twice the number of employees as a traditional grocery store, so there's a good chance if your a High School or College student, you've earned a few dollars working at Stew Leonard's.