It's that time of year when BBQ season is in full effect, but did you know BBQing has quite a history. Check out these amazing BBQ facts.

It's something that's as American as apple pie, and now that we're approaching a long holiday weekend people all over Greater Danbury, Putnam and Dutchess County will be firing up the grill.

There is however a rich history that goes along with the BBQ, and thanks to here's some facts that you can amaze your friends with while your flipping the burgers.

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    What City Do You Think Is The BBQ Capital of America

    When you think of great BBQ, two cities may come to mind...Memphis, TN. and Kansas City, MO. They are both know for some great BBQ, however another town, not always thought of when you think BBQ holds the actual title. Lexington, NC opened one of the first BBQ Restaurants in America in 1919, and each year their BBQ Festival attracts over 160,000 people.

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    BBQ’s are a Long Standing Presidential Tradition.

    It doesn't matter if your Republican, Democrat, or Independent, everyone loves a good BBQ, even our Presidents. When it comes to firing up the White House grill President Lyndon B. Johnson was the very first to throw a White House barbecue to feature “Texas-style” ribs, and the Georgia peach farmer President Jimmy Carter took the idea to the next level during his administration when he hosted a “pig-pickin’” for 500 people.

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    The Worlds Longest BBQ Lasted 80 Hours.

    Sometimes the food your grilling is so good that people just don't want to leave. I really don't know how many people stuck around, but Jan Greeff of Georgia once cooked up a ton of food all for a great cause, to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The BBQ lasted an unbelievable 80 hours.

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    The Worlds Largest BBQ had over 45,000 People.

    When you can get somewhere around 45,000 people to come to your BBQ, you know your doing something right. Well it actually happened in Nuevo Leon, Mexico in August of 2013. 45,252 people where there to chow down. The event is the current world record

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    There’s an Actual Way to Measure BBQ Heat With Your Hand.

    This one can be a little dangerous and is only recommended for veteran grillers, but believe it or not there is a not so scientific way to measure the temperature of your grill. Next time you think your just about ready to load up the grill, hold your hand over the heat, but be careful. Put your palm five inches above the grill and count the number of seconds before you feel the urge to yank it away. If you can stand it for 8-10 seconds then the temperature is around 250-350 degrees. If you can hold your hand there for 5-7 seconds the temp is between 350-450 degrees, and if you can only hold your hand there for 2-4 seconds, the temp should be between 450-550 degrees.