As we get set to mark the 15th Anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, I can't believe that in this day and age, there are people so stupid and clueless that they would actually resort to something like this to sell a product.

It's nothing new, and we all know that advertisers will stop at nothing to sell you stuff. Ads pop up all over, and we are subject to thousands of images each day about products that someone wants us to buy. Once in a while, some of these advertisers go a little too far to try and get our attention, but I've never seen anything like what this Mattress store in Texas did. They have put together probably the most tasteless, offensive ad of all time. Check it out:

The first time I saw it, my mouth hung open in disbelief. Now, there's not too much that can shock me, but this went way beyond shock. Then, it dawned on me that this was not some type of impromptu commercial shot on-the-fly when someone just walked into this store with a camera and yelled, "action". This was something that was actually thought out and scripted. There were people who actually sat down and brain stormed, and came up with this idea. Now here's the scariest part -- they all thought it was a good idea. Apparently no one said, "Wait, this may offend someone".

Now, if there were actually going for offensive, they succeeded big time. If they thought this would work to sell their product, then they need to be psychoanalyzed. These people need help!

For what it's worth, according to, the owner of the store did issue an apology on Facebook after the site was inundated with negative feedback, but it's definitely too little, much too late. He told HuffPo that the company would “determine an appropriate response to express our regret and support for the 9/11 victims and their families.”

Let me tell you, the best thing he can do for everyone is shut the place down and get out of town. No, better yet, out of the country, because they don't realize the meaning of being a true American.

In the end of their commercial, which was immediately pulled, they say, "We will never forget". I say, the folks in Texas should never forget, and never buy a thing from this store again. I'm all for second chances, but when something is so distasteful, and in such bad taste, do people like this even deserve a chance?

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