You may have seen it in person, but nothing compares to the view from high above the world-record setting light display in LaGrangeville.

Timothy Gay and his family made headlines all over the globe after reclaiming the world's record for the most lights on a residential holiday display in 2014. Proud Hudson Valley residents flock to the Gay family's house every holiday to see the incredible display for themselves.

This year there are 518,200 lights in the display on Patrick Drive in LaGrangeville. Visitors can see them twinkle and turn on and off to a holiday soundtrack that is broadcast over the radio. As you drive through the circular driveway and around the small lake one can't help but be in awe over the incredible display of lights that seem almost too magical to be real.

But if you think driving through them is something, you should try flying through (and over) them.

That's exactly what Scott Snell from XFactor Aerial did this year. The unique perspective of viewing the lights from a drone is something you'll have to see for yourself. Even if you've visited the lights before you'll experience it in a way you never have before.