One of the highlights of my career in radio happened this past Summer when Garth Brooks came to Yankee Stadium.

Prior to the concerts in July, I had the opportunity to interview him twice. He held two press conferences. One in May to announce the concerts and then again in July. What impressed me the most about him is how down to earth he is. He actually remembered me and proved it by telling me exactly what we talked about when I saw him two months earlier. In true southern gentleman form, in the middle of the live press conference he stepped off the stage to shake my husband's hand and an hour later, Trisha Yearwood, aka Mrs. Garth Brooks, approached my husband and said "Hi, I'm Trisha, I'm sorry I didn't shake your hand earlier."

The Yankee Stadium concerts were recorded in amazing high definition video and are now available to view. Let me share some pictures of the concert and then I'll tell you all about my Garth Party.

My interview with Garth Brooks is below this photo gallery. Watch how the tables are turned and he is, in fact, interviewing me!


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