Legendary actor Abe Vigoda has died at the age of 94. I feel as though he was one of those guys that would be around forever, a man who never seemed to change. We have seen actors grow older, to me, Abe Vigoda was always the same. As I grew up and saw him on TV or on the movie screen, he was the elderly man who played his characters with his own style.

From The Godfather to Barney Miller, Abe Vigoda's career spanned six and a half decades! What an amazing resume he has left behind.

Abe Vigoda started acting in the late ’40s and it wasn't until he landed a role on Dark Shadows that he would climb that star studded ladder. Then came the year 1972 and he portrayed mafia soldier, Tessio, in The Godfather. In 1974, he was back again as Tessio in The Godfather: Part II. But who can ever forget him as Detective Phil Fish, on the Barney Miller TV series from 1974-1981 which produced the spinoff, Fish, that ran from 1977 to 1978.

Abe Vigoda also made appearances on TV shows like MacGyver, Fantasy Island and on the big screen in Joe Versus the Volcano, Sugar Hill, Jury Duty and Good Burger. He was never afraid to do anything too serious or too silly.

A man of great health his daughter tells the Associated Press that he passed away due to old age,“This man was never sick.”

A long life, a long career. Rest in peace Abe Vigoda.


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