Well, it's football season. As many times as my husband has tried to explain the game to me, I still don't really get it enough to watch an entire inning. Just kitten -- I know football has quarters. I'm just trying to get your attention right meow.

What I do understand, are cats. I speak fluent feline.

One of my very favorite places is the Wells Valley Cat Sanctuary in New Milford, CT.  If you are looking for a furry, little, purring wonderfulness to share your love -- or lack of understanding -- of football with, they have put together the NFL Adoption Donation.

Here are the rules: (whistle)

  • pick your team
  • add up the scores of that game
  • that is your adoption donation for cats six months of age and older.

Stop by the shelter today and find your new football buddy! Wells Valley Cat Sanctuary is located 8 Wells Road, New Milford CT. You can also call them at (203) 305-2543 or you can click here for their website: 

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