There was plenty of controversy this week surrounding the Arlington Fire District in Poughkeepsie when union officials ordered American Flags removed from the fire company's trucks.

Citing traffic safety issues, officials ordered all American Flags removed from trucks at the Arlington Fire Company earlier this week. This created a firestorm of controversy that lead to the story going national.

Arlington Fire Chief Tory G. Gallante disagreed that the flags posed any traffic concerns or potential liability.

We contacted Danbury Fire Chief T.J. Widel who said:

We're very careful about how we put flags on our trucks, but we have to answer to the people who insure our vehicles and there have been times when they said we couldn't do certain things with the trucks that have been difficult for us to accept.

How do people in the area feel about this ruling? We asked them on Friday morning and here's what they had to say:

In a news update on Thursday (August 18) from,  It appears as though there has been an agreement made between the board and representatives from the firefighters union and the Arlington Professional Firefighters Local 2393. There will be an American flag installed on the engine, but they'll work together to make sure that the addition to the truck will meet all safety guidelines.

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