Dear May,

I don't want to complain, but I feel I must say something. You and I see each other every single year for 31 days straight. I'm a little confused. Did you forget what we mean to each other?

I mean, I'm ready. I've got my sandals sitting there in the closet, along with my capris and short sleeve tops. I know what I'm supposed to do. Do you remember what YOU'RE supposed to do?

Last year, you and I created more of a bond. Don't you remember? I hauled all of that Miracle Gro dirt up the stairs and onto my deck, and I started a garden. We had fun. We had blooms and greens. I'll admit, June took over, but I knew you'd be back again, just like you knew I'd be back again.

So, here I am, May. Where the heck are you? You completely freaked out my cucumber seedlings. However, this morning, they look like they may be getting a bit brave. I bought them a cousin, and planted her beside them for encouragement.

Now, it's your turn. Remember, you are not April. Let's do this! The fig tree wants to wake up!

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