The animals need your help. Even if you can't make it tomorrow, won't you please consider making a donation.

The Danbury Animal Welfare Society hosts their 27th annual fundraising walk tomorrow and they could really use our help. The Walk for Animals is one of four major fundraising events aimed at raising money for the mission of DAWS, saving the lives of animals in need.

The weather looks great for Saturday, so won't you consider starting your day doing something for our four legged friends. Participate in tomorrows walk. The 27th Annual Walk for Animals is at Meckauer Park on 16 Shelter Rock Road in Bethel. Registration is 10 a.m. and the walk steps off at 11 a.m.

Besides the stress free walk, the event will also have vendors, raffles, games, and more. All of that adding up to a great time for the whole family.

If you would like to just donate to this wonderful organization instead you can go to to find out how. You can also follow Daws: Danbury Animal Welfare Society on Facebook.

If the animals could talk, you know they'd say thank you! Well actually, the licks and unconditional love you get from them speaks volumes.