There's more trouble brewing down in the Gulf this week. It's Hurricane Michael, and even though it'll make landfall in either Florida or Alabama, it could bring tropical moisture to our area later this week.

Just a tropical storm now, Micheal is expected to strengthen and gain hurricane status before it makes landfall somewhere in the Gulf Coast by the middle of the week. Meteorologists are predicting Hurricane Michael may strike the U.S. as a catagory 2 hurricane, then return to a tropical storm before it works it's way to the northeast by later on this week.

According to the National Weather Service, the storm will track toward the Northeast and collide with the warm weather currently in place over Connecticut — Now while projections don't forecast Michael to directly hit Connecticut, it's expected to bring a fair amount of rain to the area, possibly up to 2 inches or more. The weather service says to expect showers and thunderstorms with some heavy rain likely on Thursday.

national weather service image

The exact impact of the storm will depend on a few factors like the storms track, the speed of a cold front that's headed our way for the end of the week and the weekend, and how quickly the storm moves, a slow down in it's speed could mean lot's more rain for our area.

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