Can you say, "uh-oh?" How about, "no big surprise?!"

Not long ago -- September 7 to be exact -- I blogged, yet again, about the Hartford, CT Soap Opera, known as Dunkin' Donuts Park. This time, hope was on the horizon as Arch Insurance had agreed to take over the project known to me as the stadium that may never be. Now, the Hartford Courant is reporting pretty huge issues with the still-unfinished ball park.

The Courant says that an architect's report is highlighting a long list of construction problems at Dunkin' Donuts Park, the minor league ballpark in Hartford. With problems like cracking stairs, improperly poured slabs, cracked dugout roofs and improperly installed drains, one can only imagine the change in price tag for ever being able to bring people into seats to watch baseball in Hartford. According to the story, the stadium was originally supposed to cost $56,000,000, but that cost is now expected to be around $71,000,000. Also -- as if it can't get any worse -- the Eastern League has threatened to move the team out of Hartford if the 6,000 seat ballpark is not ready for a planned April 13, 2017 home opener.

Of course, the sadness here is for a team that just wants to play in their "home" stadium, and baseball fans that want to see them do the same. Here's my personal note to the Hartford Yard Goats: I sure wish you had remained the New Britain Rock Cats! The New Britain stadium is still a wonderful place to watch baseball.