Here's one survey that may be hard to believe, especially if you drive on I-84 or 684 everyday, but can you really argue with the facts?

While your daily commute usually puts you in contact with some of the worst drivers you think you have ever seen, they may pale in comparison to drivers in other parts of the country.

I know what you're saying — that's impossible. No where on earth could there be worse drivers then we see around here in Greater Danbury and the Hudson Valley, but alas, according to a new report just released by, an auto insurance website, Connecticut and New York drivers actually tied for 32nd in the website's ranking, putting them among the 20 safest states on the list.

According to, the survey used data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and ranked states based on fatality rates, "failure to obey" laws for things such as seat belt use and having a valid license, drunken driving, careless driving and speeding.

Remember when looking at the stats, the higher the score in this survey, the better the ranking.

Connecticut didn't fare well in all categories, and going head to head with New York, the state was listed as having the worst drivers when it came to drunk driving, where it placed 8th to New York's 22nd place finish.

Connecticut ranked 28th in speeding and New York placed 21st, but the Empire State did much better than Connecticut in obeying laws, where they placed 36th to Connecticut's 28th place finish.

As far as careless driving, Connecticut ranked 34th, besting New York which placed 21st on the list. New York took the top spot between the two states when it came to failure to obey traffic laws with a score of 36 compared to Connecticut's score of 28. Both states had a total score of 143 to tie for 32nd place.

In comparison, according to the latest data, the state with the worst drivers in 2017 was Montana, with Arizona coming in a close second. Louisiana, Texas and Nevada rounded out the top five slots.

The honor of best drivers in the country goes to Iowa, followed by Minnesota, New Jersey, Virginia and Ohio.

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