According to a recent Christmas Survey, people and the experts agree that these are the best place to hide your Christmas Gifts? Just don’t tell anyone in your family.

Ever since the beginning of time, or at least the advent of Christmas, people have been pondering the same question — Where’s the best place to hide my Christmas Presents?

I remember as a kid my main mission was to search and find. Not that I wanted to know what I was getting, but I just wanted to be assured there were presents waiting for me. Right around this time of December, the search was on. You have to admit, no child or adult can resist hunting them down.

Now thanks to the folks at, we have a survey where the general public and experts chime in to reveal the 5 best places to hide those gifts. So let’s get right to it. If you want to see what some of our KICKS 105.5 listeners said, see their answers below the Top 5 list.


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    In the Shed

    It outside away from the house and sometimes it can be locked. Great to keep the kids off the scent, but watch out for hubby, it could be his sanctuary.

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    On Top of a Cupboard

    Yea this will probably work for small children, I’d give it an 8 on the 1-10 scale, but once they reach a certain age, and get bigger then you, this may not be the best idea.

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    In the very Back of the Closet

    The oldest trick in the book. It’s so obvious you may actually get away with it. The main thing is to bury it as best you can behind other items that are already in there.

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    In a Suitcase

    Whoever first came up with this is a genius. Kids will never look there…ever. Plus there’s that little lock thing to. Just watch out for your spouse, they may take it when they move out from all the Holiday stress…(lol)

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    At a Friends House

    The mother of all hiding spots. There’s no way anyone in your family will ever find those gifts. Only drawback with this is if your neighbors kids find them, they may think the presents are theirs and ciaos will ensue on Christmas morning when those gifts are not under their tree.