We have been keeping an eye on the baby birds that have taken up residence in our back porch post. They're getting big!

After watching them over the past couple of weeks, I'm going to miss them once they leave the nest. The mama and papa birds have been working so hard feeding them. We are constantly seeing one of the two of them flying into the post with food. Once one leaves, the other one will fly in with more food.

I'm not sure if all six of the babies are still in there. I know it's nature, so I am preparing myself for the fact that not all of them may make it. Survival of the fittest and all. There are at least still three in there, I'm hoping there are more.

We try to give them their space, but given the fact that they nested right by the stairs we use everyday to get to and from our cars, we can't give them that much space. Both my husband and I check on them when we leave for work and when we return home. It's been fun watching these little babies grow.

They don't even peep anymore, they are getting closer to making the same noises the adult birds make. They grow up so fast (*sniff,*sniff).

The kids ask how the birds are doing, because they want to make sure they are safe. I think they're going to be sad too when the babies are big enough to fly away.

My husband said the birds are chickadees, and according to Wikipedia, the babies will leave the nest 12-16 days after they hatch. The parents will start leaving food for them outside the nest hole. So, we are getting close to that time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they all do well with flying and feeding themselves.

Here is the new video. They're sleeping, but you can see how big they are now.

Here is the first video with all six of them peeping:

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