As I continue my quest learning how to take a decent photo of the moon with my iPhone 6S, here are some perfect Connecticut locations to actually snap those photos.

I may be a slow learner, but what I do know is that to take an awesome photo of any phenomena in the night sky, you must be in a location where there's a lot of DARK! On Monday, November 14, this year's Full Beaver Moon will be the biggest, closest, and brightest supermoon since January 26, 1948. This moon will be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than your typical full moon.

According to, if you're watching the supermoon when it's high overhead, it could appear as your typical full moon, but if you're viewing from a spot where the moon is sitting closer to the horizon, it creates a moon illusion where it appears to be unnaturally large.

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The very best place for gazing and taking moon shots according to is in the northwest corner of the state from Goshen up north to Canaan and from Warren heading north to Norfolk. Choose a clear night and pick a spot where there's no extraneous light to affect your shot. Lay down a blanket, making sure the ground is dry, and double check you're not trespassing on anyone's property. Choose a camera app that favors low light conditions and start snapping away. Bringing along snacks and adult beverages will enhance your experience but is not necessary.

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If you've been a failure taking iPhone 6S pictures at night like myself, check out for some photo tips. I recommend downloading the Nightcap Pro app for $1.99 from the App Store. Good luck!