According to a police report from the Bethel Police Department, officers arrested 24-year-old Paul Denis of Ridgefield on Tuesday afternoon. 

The police report states that he was driving erratically. Police say, when they attempted to pull him over, he refused and a low speed chase ensued. Apparently, he was hanging out the window while police tried to stop the car, and was screaming and babbling incoherently. He then, according to authorities, tried to take off on foot once they finally pulled him over. Once they apprehended him on foot, police say they searched the car, and found Marijuana.

When they returned to the Bethel Police Department for processing, the suspect reportedly continued to babble incoherently according to authorities. Concerned with Mr. Denis' behavior, police say they took him to the Danbury Police Department for observation. He was later released, processed and returned to his mother on a $10,000 bond. Paul Denis is due in Danbury Superior Court on July 1.

No shirt, no shoes, no problem. Hey man, cheese! I love it. In my 20s, I found myself in some trouble here and there. I did not, however, handle it in the dynamic and unexpected way that this young man did. He pulled off some of the subtle, yet classic, stoner moves.

You have the low speed chase, which I am a big fan of as an observer. He spoke in tongues, which I just don't have the heart for, but I can watch it all day. He followed that up with taking off on foot. I have always wanted to take off on foot. I'm just not that fast, though, so it was never in the cards for me.

P.S. - The local area has been red hot with some insanely good mugshots lately. Keep up the good work wackos.

P.P.S. - On a serious note, he was behind the wheel of a car while under the influence, and we are all lucky no one was hurt.

P.P.P.S. - Take it from me, Paul. There is plenty of time to turn things around. Get on the straight and narrow, and this, too, will pass.