A Bethel Woman, channeling her inner Danny Trejo, was charged with criminal mischief, breach of peace, and third degree assault early Sunday morning.

In the early hours of June 19, Bethel Police responded to a disturbance call at 263 Greenwood Avenue in Bethel, CT. When they arrived on the scene, they found 47-year-old Maria Medina in a violent and heated argument, striking the person with her hands, and making audible threats to their life.

At that point, she reached into the back of a car, and pulled out a machete, which for those that might not know, is a very long and broad knife, often used for cutting field crops. She swung the weapon around wildly, and then began to use the machete to damage both the interior and exterior of a near by vehicle.

After calming Medina down, the Bethel Officers took her into custody, where she was processed, held on a $1,000 bond, and was arraigned in Danbury Superior Court on Monday, June 20.