In a very bizarre and upsetting story out of Bethel, a man who was accused of causing a massive disturbance at the local election polls on Tuesday (Nov. 8), has now been arrested on assault charges.

According to a press release from the Bethel Police Department, officers visited the Beach St. home of 55-year-old, Brian Mansfield, on Wednesday in order to issue him a court summons related to an incident that allegedly occurred at a voting facility. The BPD reports that Mansfield was acting very disruptive toward the polling staff, knocking over the voting materials before targeting a cookie sale that a local Girl Scout troop was holding.

When Bethel Police issued Mansfield the summons, he reportedly spat in a uniformed officer's face, at which point he was arrested. When the time cane for Mansfield to be processed, he refused to be fingerprinted, resulting in an additional charge.

Brain Mansfield is scheduled to appear in Danbury Court on November 22 based on the following charges.:

  • Assault on a Police Officer
  • Refusal to be Fingerprinted
  • Breach of Peace