The Bethel Police Department has asked for the public's help in identifying a man that they believe is a suspect in a high-dollar copper theft within the town. While the surveillance screen shots are quite blurry, the photo below depicts the male walking away from the site with very distinct tattoos on the back of both of his calves.

The Bethel PD asks that if you have any information at all about the suspect in the photos, or about the copper theft, to please contact Detective O'Farrell at (203) 744-7900.

Currently, the cost of copper ranges between $1.50 and 1.65 per pound, which, given the weight of most copper loads, can add up very quickly. Compared to most other metals, like steel and aluminum, which are priced between $0.20 and $0.30 per pound, Copper is considered a precious metal, with high value both on the street, and at scrap yards.


Again, if you have information pertaining to the individual in these photos, please contact Bethel Detective O'Farrell at (203) 744-7900.