The listeria scare of a few weeks ago has expanded again in Connecticut and beyond.

Back on April 25, I wrote about a massive frozen vegetable recall that affected Connecticut. That ugly listeria is rearing its head again, and it applies to items you may have purchased at Trader Joe's and Costco.

Now, according to the Food and Drug Association, foods that included the recalled vegetables are posing a risk. You can read their announcement at

Trader Joe's is recalling Vegetable, as well as, Chicken Fried Rice. You can find the exact products, as well as the original vegetable recall at

Some products that have the tainted vegetables have also been sold at Costco. For a full list of recalled food items potentially tainted with  Listeria monocytogenes go to

Even though it's said that listeria usually causes mild symptoms in healthy individuals, infection can still lead to serious illness in many people, so I say, better safe than sorry!