Around 10am on Friday, a black bear pushed his way through a screen door at a home in West Hartford.

So now these black bears, which have become more prevalent in Connecticut, are inviting themselves into private homes. An article in the West Hartford Patch reports that High Wood Road homeowner, Jeff Grody heard a weird sound from another part of his house and went to explore. In the den area stood a black bear asking Jeff if it was too early for a cocktail. Jeff told him "of course it was," so Mr. Black Bear hightailed it out of there.

Honestly, bears can't talk. What really happened? There was a full grown black bear hangin' around the den area. Grody turned around, walked out of the house and called 911 immediately, but the bear stomped out before the police arrived according to an eyewitness. Damage to the house was limited to the screen door that the bear had pushed aside to enter the home.

Grody described the bear as full grown between 3 and 4 hundred pounds. DEEP placed a trap on Grody's front lawn hoping to place the bear back into its' natural habitat. This is the time of the year when bears begin stocking up their caves with food for the winter, so make sure your garbage can lids are secured and take down any bird feeders in your yard.

Capt. Jeff Rose told Fox61 News,

That as far as anyone knows, the bear did not eat anyone's food or sleep in anyone's bed.