Late last week, I saw results from a recent study that found out that toilet water is just as tasty as tap or bottled water, so I couldn't resist to take this challenge to see which one I would pick.

Scientists at the University of California conducted blind taste tests to see which water most people preferred, and to their astonishment tap water emerged as the least preferred option and believe it or not the toilet water was the most popular.

Now this may seem hard to believe — face it, I was very skeptical as well — so there was only one thing to do. Take the challenge and see for myself, even though it would mean actually drinking toilet water.

Now to set the record straight, the scientists in this recent survey used filtered toilet water, but I'm not that wimpy, in this challenge we used actual toilet water.

Suzy set up three cups, "A", "B", and "C". One was filled with tap water, the other with bottled water, and the third had the popular, sought after toilet water. So which one would I pick? Would my pallet be able to distinguish between the three choices, and why would I even consider drinking toilet water?

Listen to what happened when we put the challenge into effect on our show:

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