A boating accident on Candlewood Lake in Brookfield sent three people to the hospital earlier in the week. DEEP Environmental Conservation (ENCon) Police said that a pontoon boat collided with two other boats at Echo Bay.

On Tuesday afternoon (July 12) at about 4:30 PM, a pontoon boat, which was a rental from Echo Bay Marina, began to approach the dock. The boat had twelve people on board, and was attempting to dock when it hit a cabin cruiser and a motor boat.

Three of the twelve people aboard the pontoon boat had minor injuries. They are Blerim Hodza, 28, of Bethel, Nicole Oettinger, 21 of New Fairfield and Karli Petrone, 22, of New Fairfield. They were taken to Danbury Hospital by Brookfield EMS. Thankfully none of the injuries are life threatening and there were no injuries reported on the other two boats involved.

It is unsure if weather conditions played a part in the accident, as severe thunderstorms were reported in the area. EnCon Police are still investigating the accident.