As a Leo born in the year of the Tiger, it was inevitable that I would not only be a feline freak, but that I would especially love the big cats. So, here's what I've been focusing on this week. Meet Thor the Bobcat. This video is not for the faint of heart, but it does show the heart of these people who dedicate themselves to the care of these amazing creatures.Thor was hit by a car this past Saturday morning, and rescued by a group that I follow called, Big Cat Rescue.

I was a Veterinary Technician for many years. Most of those years were spent caring for felines in a cat-only animal hospital. It is my Vet Tech-ness that is totally fascinated with the medical part. Thor was hit straight on in the face and suffered multiple breaks in his upper and lower jaw and his eye socket. It is uncertain if he will lose his eye, but he has had surgery to repair his jaw. The main focus now, is to see if he will eat and survive these injuries. As you can imagine, he is not being very cooperative. My three cats aren't very cooperative, why would Thor be?

Thor's story is fascinating in so many ways. How they came to know that he was in the middle of the road, and so stunned by the accident that he wasn't moving. The way they had to trap him to capture him. If he ran off, he would have died a very slow and painful death. But, it's also so heartwarming to someone, like me, who loves cats big and small, that there are actually people in the world who will wake up at 1:15 AM on a Saturday morning, race out to points unknown to bag a Bobcat, and operate on him, all before dawn to save his life. Honestly, I am not only in awe of these very special humans, I'm also a little envious. While I know it is certainly a very dangerous job, to me, there really isn't too many things that could equal being in the presence of these big cats and actually helping to save them. My hat is off to Big Cat Rescue in Florida. What an amazing bunch they are!

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