I have had so many wonderful comments and good wishes from KICKS 105.5 listeners for Thor, the bobcat who was hit by a car early Saturday morning. Yesterday, I contacted Big Cat Rescue, the organization that rescued Thor in the early morning hours this past Saturday. I told them about the comments and concern from our listeners. They have been wonderful in providing me with updates, pictures and videos for KICKS 105.5 listeners.

I will admit, Thor has been on my mind quite a bit this past week. The Veterinary Technician in me knows he is in such great hands. I just wish he knew that. It breaks my heart to think about what is going through that bobcat mind. The other night, Big Cat Rescue had a live update on their website. Thor was rescued by two amazing women, Carole Baskin and Jamie Veronica. Jamie is Thor's main caregiver, which you can imagine, is not an easy job. He is not being very cooperative and was refusing to eat. Jamie tried feeding him with a syringe on a long pole, which has proved to be quite difficult. She provided this update this morning:

"Thor had a procedure done last night that will hopefully save his eye. Dr. Miller sutured his third eyelid closed to protect his bad eye until it heals. She says there is a chance his eye might be ok. But it will be a few weeks until we know. This means he will no longer need eye drops. He is still not eating well. I have been syringe feeding him. So in order to keep things as routine for him as possible I will feed and clean him for now until he is a little more stable."

Click here to see Thor's Bobcat-Cam

One of the things I've learned about working with felines is that a dirty cat, is a sick cat. If a cat doesn't groom, something's very wrong. It warmed my heart to see Thor licking his paws. Another wonderful thing is that cats eyes have an amazing ability to heal. A similar injury in a human, dog or other species would have meant blindness or that the eye would need to be removed. Because they have sutured that third eyelid, pressure in his eye is good, and he does not require glaucoma drugs. Stitching that third eyelid is acting like a band-aid and allowing the eye to hopefully heal.

Thanks for caring about Thor. If you would like to leave a comment, I will get it to Big Cat Rescue and I will continue to update you on Thor's progress.

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