It's been quite a spring so far, with bear sightings on the rise, especially in Brookfield. It happened again the other day, yet another Black Bear sighting has been reported.

It's been a very active spring for Black Bears across the state, but no area has had more sighting's then the Brookfield area.

According to, and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, bear sightings state wide have increased tremendously over the last six months, with over 5,200 spotted in Connecticut, including some 57 sightings in Brookfield alone.

Brookfield has been known for it's bobcats — hey, that's even the Brookfield High School mascot — but with all the recent sightings, they may have to become the "Brookfield Bears."

Each week, you can go on Facebook and find two or three posts with pictures of these Black Bears in someone's yard, or as in the latest case, playing on a trampoline.

The bear pictured in the featured image for this article was taken by our family friend, Donna, who's right on the Brookfield/Danbury line.

So as long as the bears are checking us out, keep the photos and videos coming, so we can keep an eye on them too.

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