Count me in! Have you noticed the onslaught of "Root Beer" flavored beers? I ran across them often this summer, and now one of the "big-wigs" in the industry is jumping in. Check it out.

I don't drink much soda. I don't drink much beer. I don't eat much ice cream. BUT I do like my root beer and the occasional root beer float. And I do enjoy funky crafted beers. So enter this newbie from the Best Damn Brewing Company, and I'm interested! 

Anheuser-Busch has just rolled out a new brew it calls "Best Damn Root Beer." The sweet ale aged on vanilla beans comes with five-point-five percent alcohol by volume.You can buy it starting today in cans, bottle and on draft.

You can also check it out at

I think bars and restaurants better start stocking up on vanilla ice cream!