I love the smell of progress in the morning! As I was driving up Church Hill Road in Newtown this morning, I looked over and saw that the destruction/construction of the new Cave Comics - Burgerittoville swap was well underway. They've demolished the old train station that stood there for years in order to construct a new building that will house Cave. Burgerittoville meanwhile will expand their business into the space formerly occupied by the Newtown comic book destination.

Credit - Burgerittoville via Facebook

These plans have been in the works for quite some time, I found out about them when I stopped into Burgerittoville a while back to sample some of their delicious food. I'll post the video below in case you haven't heard of Newtown's unique food destination. There are so few comic book stores left in Connecticut, it's so great to see Cave Comics and the employees that work there get into a new location without having too big of a move. I wonder if they found a time capsule with a sacred Action Comics #1 buried somewhere in the Newtown soil!

Bonus video: Have You Had a Burgeritto?